This character represents me as my current fursona. It's design is based on the arctic wolf (the cutest wolf) with a bit of tribal aesthetic, inspired by the art of Goldenwolf and similar artists. It was designed pretty much on aesthethics only, he's not a symbolic representation of anything, just the result of experimentation and the subject of my drawing exercises. Personality? he's basically me, so it's weird talking of him in third person like i'm doing now, since it's basically me.

Currently I don't have any canon, since there is some conflict between the tribal stuff (living in the forest) and it being me (a civilized person), so actually there is a duality between the tribal forest creature and the anthro wolf that is writing this text. It may be two different instants in time, like being born as tribal and later getting adopted by the civilization.. don't know. Stuff i've seen on my daydreaming points towards a post-apocalyptic world, where the forest has grown over the long gone ruins of a futuristic civilization, trees wrapping over the debris of forgotten spaceships, a big wall covered in rust that just reads "02" (concealing something), and living in a cavern with a collection of miscellaneous metal pieces used as primitive weapons and utensils. At some point this tribal waff would get adopted (or kidnapped?) by the civilization, a place far beyond the starting point (a floating city? another planet?) where he constantly rejects the social conventions and tries to be himself, but still adapting to his environment.

On the other side, being a civilized anthro from the start would make it hard to justify the tribal appearance, unless it's basically what everyone else already does. Why would someone covered in fur need clothes? the loincloth could be just a personal choice. Human-like cloth is uncomfortable. I see something like an arctic district, where arctic animals live on their confortable snowy temperatures, rely on their fur and be somewhat more distant from the rest of the population.


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